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The fitting, the stand, the area where the event is carried out are all places in which to live, where exchanges, conversations and business are carried out: a place in which to welcome others and which must have its own style and character, planned and constructed with an eye on quality, not merely aesthetic, but also in terms of comfort, functionality and efficiency.

Thanks to our cooperation with HabitechThe Trentino Technological Area for Energy and the Environment – Mimosa has launched a range of eco-sustainable stand fitting called MIMOSA Living: a range that emerges and re-emerges from the environment.

The quest for certified materials and suppliers and the study of innovative technical solutions have led to the design and creation of sustainable stands and exhibition spaces, thanks to the use of materials with low environmental impact, that are recyclable, re-generable and with reduced energy consumption.

By working with Habitech, Mimosa has gained a greater understanding of the matter of sustainability and this has led to devising a code of practice for sustainable stand fitting and events. The MIMOSA Living code of practice is created around the needs of our clients and is based on the objectives of sustainability and a common language. The elements covered include environmental indicators, economic factors and social indicators. 


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More than 20 years of experience in events and exhibitions.


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